October 2019 - Asset Point Capital

Why the Need for Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans in 2019?

Thinking of buying some real estate? The current economic climate might be a bit rough, but we here at Asset Point Capital think now is the best time to get some commercial real estate bridge loans.


According to the latest data, the first half of 2019 saw ten USA-based retailers filing for bankruptcy and closing almost 5.400 stores. Retail sales remained solid throughout early 2019, but debt has been on a steady rise. Mortgage debt, in particular, has reached record-breaking $9.406 trillion. That’s over $100 trillion more than it was in 2009.


Mortgage debt is by far the largest component of any household debt in the USA. In fact, each US citizen spends only 10% of their income on non-mortgage debts, which include student loans and automobiles. According to the Federal Reserve, in 2019, consumer debt is at $4 trillion. Once you do the math, you can see how much money US citizens owe in mortgage debt.


How Can Asset Point Capital’s Loans Help?


Asset Point Capital offers commercial real estate bridge loans, as well as small balance conduit loans. If you consider a bridge loan with APC, you’ll be able to loan anywhere from $500.000 to $10.000.000 with 75% leverage. Each term lasts up to 12 months with options to extend it. Interest is also guaranteed throughout this period.


If you’re unable to get conventional financing but need a long-term solution for your stabilized assets, Asset Point Capital has you covered. We will provide you with small balance conduit loans which we approve based on equity and credit. These loans run from $150.000 to $5.000.000, with leverage going up to 80%. You’ll need a minimum credit score of 620, though no tax returns are required. One small balanced conduit loan can cover different types of assets, including:


  • Multi-family assets
  • Mixed-use assets
  • Mobile home parks
  • Self-storage
  • Office assets
  • Industrial assets
  • Retail assets
  • Automotive assets


The loan doesn’t cover gas stations or hotels.